My Refund Was Approved, But I am Not Seeing the Funds Back on My Account

Usually it takes around 10 days for the refund to be posted back on your account but depending on your payment method may take up to 30 days.

  • If you used a bank card and since changed/cancelled the card, a refund would be posted back to your original bank account. Please make sure your bank account is active in order to receive the funds.
  • PayPal refunds are instant, but it may take around 10 days for the funds to reach your original funding source (linked bank card or bank account). Please make sure your PayPal is active and able to receive funds for the refund to be posted.
  • If your payment method does not support refunds (some prepaid cards, mobile payments, cash) you may be offered store credit that you can redeem for future Xsolla purchases.
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