I Made a Successful Payment but Did Not Receive the Item

In case you have successfully completed a payment you should receive a payment receipt from Xsolla. The receipt can be provided as a link to the status page or be sent via email.

Here is an example of the receipt for the successful payment.


If you still do not see the delivery, please make sure:

  • you are checking the payment on the correct account (in case you top up several accounts)
  • try logging out and logging back in the game to refresh the page

Although Xsolla delivers payments instantly, it may still take several minutes for the purchase to appear on your account. If it did not happen, please contact the game/service support and provide them with the receipt of your successful payment.

Please note that some payment methods such as bank transfers, cash, PayPal e-check charge the money instantly but may take a couple of days to process. 

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