• We might have been unable to receive an authorization from PayPal.

    What to do?
    Please contact PayPal support to determine why the payment wasn’t authorized. Then, try again.

  • Our security system detected some activity that was atypical for this account and instantly refunded the payment back to your PayPal account. Making multiple purchases in a short period of time, using several Paypal accounts, or submitting an unusually large payment for a newly created game account may have alerted our system as well. Unfortunately, we can’t process your PayPal transaction at this time. 

    What to do?
    We suggest trying to complete the purchase with a direct credit/debit card payment or contacting us for further information.

  • If you’re paying a subscription or saving your account for future payments, consider changing your funding source from PayPal credits to your credit/debit card or bank account. 

    How to select a payment method as a funding source?
    You may change your payment method at the time of your purchase by clicking the “More Options/Change” link on the Confirm Your Payment/Review Your Information page. Then, select a payment method from the "More Funding Options" page. This is available each time you make a payment. You can’t select a payment method for all future transactions. For more information, please visit

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